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The Cars

MG TF Sprint

Starting out in life as a 135 Sprint, project 235 its something of a head gasket failure which has snowballed into something far more significant.

So whats the aim:- to get 100 bhp more than standard, in a completely standard looking car.

Along with this, the TF is to go on a diet in an aim to save the drivers weight.

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Before anything is done to provide more horses under the roof, the braking system and suspension system was upgraded to provide both better handling and braking performance.

Brakes are the second most important thing on the car, The Eagle F1’s are the most important. As Pirelli Say “Power is nothing without control”

Where K-Series engines are concerned, Paul Ivey’s valves seem to be the best (REC). I fitted these Oversized valves, after the head had been flowed and modified in several different ways.

They are Wasted steam and rim flowed, giving a far better performance.

This modification was ran with the plenum setup and exhaust modification for over 2yrs, with great success on the standard MEMS3 Unit. Surprisingly this increased not only the performance but the efficiency also, provided care was applied with the right foot.

OWNER:- Stuart Dunn


YEAR:- 2002

VHPD Throttle bodies were purchased, They sat around whilst I gathered the info on how to go about making this major modification.

The aim was to try and maintain as much of the drive ability as possible, which is a mission when running these things.

A parts list was produced, including new cams, Pullies, Injectors, Fuel reg, and ECU

Some items are easy to come by, some are expensive and some are like rocking horse S**T, this being one of them, a fuel pressure regulator adaptor, so I ended up making one on a lathe from Aluminium.

Works well and a Drawing was produced for reference.

The VHPD Bodies weren’t originally designed for an EU3 engine. So the IACV unit from a MEMS three car won’t actually fit, cue the funny off angle drilling to make and adaptor plate.

Putting an already light car onto a diet calls for extreme measures. So materials like Titanium, Aluminium and Carbon come into play a lot. These are the replacement titanium ARB mounting bolts which save a few grams.

Camshafts are a great way of getting more power, especially with other modifications. They can also move power up and down the rev range, but the timing has to be right. This is setting up the venire cam pullies. If you’ve never done this then give yourself a day to do it, and put some beer in the fridge for when you have…..you’ll need it!

The exhaust of the TF is one of restriction and lacks in some areas. For instance the “two stage” part of the exhaust on the standard unit isn’t really existent, and the K-series likes this. Twin this with a short exhaust tract and a back box weighing in at 18kg then it’s going to hold you back. This has now been replaced with a Janspeed 4-2-1 Equal Length Header Manifold and a back box straight from a Lotus Elise S2 weighing in a 9.2Kg