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Video Gallery

BCMGOC Trailer

Find out what we’re all about in this short trailer for the club

A Blast up Shelsley Walsh

A non timed run up the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb Circuit in a MGTF 135 Sprint with a difference.

Donington Historic Parade 2013

Keith Takes to the track in his B roadster for the 2013 DHF parade lap

Wings and Wheels drive 2013

A short blast to a very local event.

Donington Historic Parade 2014

Peter takes to the track in his F for the 2014 DHF Parade lap

MG Montego Turbo Demonstration with Steve Soper

Yes don the old chino’s, and look out for the cheesy music, with this cracking promotional video.

Winning Style

Another great promotional video from the Austin Rover Group.

Modular Engine Management (MEMS) explained.

Why not do a bit of home work and learn what goes on in the black magic box, with this 30min video.

Welcome to the BCMGOC Video Gallery.

Below you’ll find videos which have been added to our YouTube Channel.

To view them simply click on them and they will be played in this window.

As with all our galleries, keep an eye out for updates.