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Winter Works.

The winter break this year has taken a DIY Theme. No shelves or picture hanging however, as some folk are constructing buildings to grow their love of MG’s further! There are a number of restorations still on going. Dave Arter with his MGB, along with a few others who are working away ready for the season ahead.

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Severn Valley Walk 12th March

This is one of our annual events, normally organised by Keith, and this year once again the end goal was to have some well earned lunch in the Unicorn. This seems to have set the tone for the season so far, as every event we have been to so far, ends up in a suitable eatery/watering hole! But who’s complaining? The day was a good one, with the weather being kind, up until the last mile, when the heavens opened and we got drenched.

Pride of Longbridge 15th April

Since the closure of MG Rover’s head quarters, pride of Longbridge has been held in Cofton park opposite the plant, and this year the popularity seems to be back once more. With a wide range of BL, Austin, Morris, MG, and Rover vehicles on show, from Concourse to Concept in some cases. Which included a MG ZS estate. This had us vexed for a number of days until it dawned on us that this started off life as a Rover 400 estate, and someone cleverly uplifted the looks to accommodate the ZS panelling, then disguised the age with a private plate. Nice job too.

Rotors, Trainers & Transport 6th May

We enjoy getting involved in shows, especially when they are local. And you can’t get much more local than this show, which was held at Halfpenny Green Airport. Now if you’re thinking of joining a club, and enjoy a laugh, then we’re the one for you. Reason I mention this here is that we often get lost on run’s out, in fact I’ll rephrase, we always get lost on runs out. This often generates a number of “giggles” however you’d think with this being just 2.5 miles from our start point you’d be in safe hands…..wrong we got lost….twice! So if you like a laugh, please pop along. Anyway this is the show which featured on BBC Midlands today after the Vampire Jet tore up the runway due to it’s powerful engine, Pleased to say the runway was due to be replaced the end of May anyway, so I’m sure there’s a cost saving in there somewhere. This show was previously known as the Wings and Wheels show, but this time around there were a lot more exhibits to peruse. Cars, Bikes, Planes, Military displays, Steam displays and even Darliks! A really enjoyable day out.  


Ragley Hall Transport Show 28th May

This is our first Gemini Show of the year, and it seems we picked the best day for it. It was “Scorchio” and pretty busy compared to last years show. These are always a pleaser as you see the regular show goers and many new, and interesting participants, throughout the day. Loudest exhaust winner went to a ZT260, which was good to see. And good to see the number of other MG motors on the increase at these types of shows including A MK2 Metro Turbo, and MK1 MG Metro. Also a number of other Rover cars including the 200 BRM and a Montego!