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HMGOC Mountains and Valley’s Run Sunday 9th June

This years drive was the 10th anniversary of the annual Mountains and valleys run, hosted by Herefordshire MG Owners club. Club members Pete and Stu participated in the run, which led them across the Welsh border into Buith Wells, and onto Shobdon Airfield.

The run was roughly a 100 mile trip, but over the weekend Pete and Stu clocked up a total mileage of 270 Miles. The weather was stunning and some of the tracks proved to be quite testing, even passing through an illegal rave at one point, which was quite interesting to say the least.  

Malcolm Garratt Run Sunday 30th June

A run which was organised by BCMGOC In memory of former Black Country MG Member Malcolm Garratt. Malcolm, A bachelor who had many interests including the Severn Valley Railway, Also had a great passion for MG’s. He owned a Magnette, and was also Chief Marshall for the MGCC. The run started at the Summerhill Kingswinford, and concluded at Glansevern Hall near Welshpool. A total of 12 cars took part in the run, and as they progressed along the route, they attracted a lot of attention. Great to have some of our new members along too.

Walsall Transport Show 28th July 2013

After a short rain dance to entice the sunshine back out, we met at our Club night patch, The Park Inn. We then made our way, in some sort of a convoy to the Arboretum where we took up our pitch for the day, erected the BCMGOC Dome and settled in. Once again, there were loads of cars to look at, all makes and models, from vintage to new. Go to see some other MG clubs present, and great to see how many people really do love their motors. The car of the show was a Triumph Vitesse, with had been restored to a fantastic level, really was a credit to it’s owner. New members, Andy, Rich and Chris came along too, was a great show, even with the rain!

BCMGOC News July

Not really sure what’s going on here, but as a club we’re are normally more au-fait with spanners and oily stuff. Over the past months we’ve worked hard as a club to produce a new website, and a new angle in which you can view the inside of our club. As well as the site, we now have our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages, along with our Building Google plus account which we hope to make more use of in the future. Also due to the website being constantly updated, and having the front page blogs, you can also subscribe to the RSS service, which will stream updates from our site directly into your inbox, if your a member of BCMGOC you can also join our forum which also complies with the RSS System. YouTube is currently being loaded up with some of our cheesy dealer video, well worth a look, and a giggle, or a cringe! We are a growing club and intend to move with the times, I suppose it’s only like moving from Carbs to Fuel Injection really!! We hope you’re enjoying our site, and are finding it’s functions useful. Keep coming back to see what we’re getting up to next!

Shugborough Hall Transport Show 11th August 2013

Once again the meeting point was the Park Inn for the journey up to Shugborough Hall. Shugborough Estate is owned and maintained by the National Trust, and really is a fantastic estate. Again the variety of vehicles on show really was huge, but our stand gathered quite a lot of attention once more, with most of us spending half the day chatting, which really was interesting. The dome was in pride of place, however wasn’t required this time around which was nice.

Himley Hall Transport Show 1st September 2013

The Himley Transport show is our local show, to which 18 cars attended from our club. The day was originally forecast to be a cloudy day, but the Sun prevailed and the day was a fantastic one. A huge variety of cars were on offer for the punters to view, and the club stand had a mass of interest which was brilliant. Many of the members spent the day chatting away to people visiting the show, and it was great to see the new layout of model age. Highly recommended.

Burton Dasset Country Trial 29th September 2013

Fourteen Members met at the Marlbrook Pub, Bromsgrove, to make their way down to the trial which was held at Burton Dasset, Warwickshire. The day was fantastic, helped out by the weather and the variety of vehicles taking part. Shown below is an adapted MGF, who’d of thought that a sports car like the “F” would of been suitable for trial purposes, how wrong we were! Even though here, it’s actually stuck! A picnic was had for dinner and the trial delivered some great entertainment, highly recommended!

BCMGOC Christmas Dinner 21st December 2013

Once again, this year the Himley Country Hotel Played host to the Annual BCMGOC Christmas dinner. 29 Members attended the dinner, 10 of which stopped the night in the hotel for the princely sum of £35 including breakfast. Choosing not to have a dance this year gave members a chance to natter away, which they did, until the early hours of the morning, and this then continued throughout breakfast. It was a fantastic night, that topped off a fantastic year within the club, Looking forward to 2014 already!!