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Members Projects

Here you’ll find our members project cars, So cars which they are working on, Improving or restoring in some way or form.

If you find something that interests you, or have any questions, please feel free to ask here.

Stuart Dunn’s MK1 MGF

OWNER :- Stuart Dunn


YEAR:- 1996

COLOUR :- Flame Red COF

WHEN BOUGHT : - 2010


Brought back in 2010 via eBay for the princely sum of £600, including roof covers, a few spares and a full tank of fuel. The car was in Bodmin, Cornwall, and I decided to drive down to Cornwall to pick it up, with one of my mates, after a late shift! So at 10pm we set off, drove the 234miles down to the car and then drove it back. Piece of advice…..This kind of stupidity is not recommended, staying awake was somewhat of a mission, this was only hampered in the MG which was being driven by my mate, as the fuel tank main seal had perished meaning the fuel vapours were “very much” present in the cockpit, which as a result left him rather high by the time we had reached Exeter.


The initial idea for this car was a replacement for the mother in laws car, however this was going to take a great deal of work, and for that reason she brought another F.

By this time a number of mechanical items had been changed, and the plan has changed once more. The car will now belong to “she who must be obeyed” with a multi-role attached to it, in the sense that the car will long term become a tuned VVC engine (with the lack of the VVC system replaced with solid VHPD cams) Omega forged Pistons, and a rough guideline power output of 220bhp roughly. That’s the aim anyhow, reason being is, at some point I’d like to sprint/hill climb the car at a low level, whilst the Mrs uses it for shows etc.


When the thing won’t start, and your drive is on a slope, sloping towards the garage, make sure someone is completely in the car before you start to push. If you fail to do this, you’ll find it parked nicely in your garage wall, just like I did……Hence the delay!

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Stuart Dunn’s MK2 MGF

OWNER :- Stuart Dunn


YEAR:- 2000

COLOUR :- British Racing Green HFF

WHEN BOUGHT : - 2013


Whilst at the Himley Transport show, a very nice gentleman handed my some details for a MK2 F  which seemed like a good buy. Initially the interior appealed to me, I thought if I brought it I can swap the interior into the Red MGF. So we went for a look, and when we set eyes on the car we couldn’t believe how good it was. 72000 miles, no MOT no TAX but two fobs, new disks and pads, cracking bodywork, wood trim all for the princely sum of £300! We’d of been mad not to buy it!


Possible Cam up grade to 633 Piper or a less harsh MG Rover 135 profile.

Alloy Plenum

Vented and Grooved disks

AP 4Pot calipers

Complete the MOT Advisories.


Seriously folks, £300 car + £200 annual Tax, + £150 Insurance + £12 BCMGOC Membership, That really is cheap motoring fun folks! See how much fun you can have for that little cash, not as much as you can in an MG! For under £800 now you can be on the road in an MG, enjoying some f our BCMGOC events!

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Martin Jones B RDSTR