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Welcome to the MGF/TF Shop Page.

Please feel free to browse the items on offer, if you have any questions about any of the items, and also for payment details please use the email address club.shop@bcmgoc.co.uk or the link provided with the listing.

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MGF TF Stainless Exhaust Bracket Hangers

Made from A2 Stainless steel, these hangers hold the rear back box section in place. Exclusive to BCMGOC.

Given time your existing ones will look like the rusty one in the picture, so why not replace them with these fit and forget units.

TIG welded to the rear of the bracket is a A2 Steel nut, so gone are the hours of fun, trying to to remove your exhaust, once you have these fitted. Currently available in polished and brushed finish.

Comes with Stainless M6 Pins for the heat shield.

Price :- £12 per pair, Details of payment etc available upon request via club.shop@bcmgoc.co.uk

MGF MK1 & 2 inc TF  Gear Gaiter Selector.

Got the notorious “clunk” from the gear tunnel when you go into reverse or 1st? Having trouble getting reverse? Well this could be the issue.

If you have excessive play in this unit, the gear selection will be sloppy to say the least.

These are re-manufactured to a high standard and are service exchange, replacing all the major functional components.

For more details contact us below.

Price :- £70 £20 refunded as a surcharge on your old unit, Details of payment etc available upon request via club.shop@bcmgoc.co.uk

MGF MK1 & 2 inc TF  Concourse Labels

Perfectionist? Or just want things to look ace? Well these might just help you out.

These labels are an exact replica of what you will find on your F/TF.

Available at present:-  TF Headlamp dispatch Decals

                               F Valeo Headlamp Decals

                               Locking Nut Tool Sticker

Many more to follow. Well need details of your car to ensure the details on the labels are correct.

Price :- £POA £3-£6 Please contact for details. club.shop@bcmgoc.co.uk