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Spares Day 17th February

Sunday 17th of February saw the annual Stoneleigh MG Spares day.

Members: - Rod, Les, Adrian, Steve, Stu and Peter, made their way over to Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire to hunt out some bargains. All be it most of the items brought are not a necessity they certainly are cheap so have to be worth buying……..wright? Div of the month award was awarded to Stuart for purchasing a parts washer, and then remembering he was in his car, which of course meant it wouldn’t fit in the boot. Fortunately, Les came to the rescue!

Wings & Wheels 1st April

April the 1st was a bank holiday, BCMGOC ventured over to the Wings and Wheels show at Halfpenny green airport, Enville, Staffordshire. Halfpenny Green had its name changed to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green airport some time back, but has been a focal point for the community for some time now. They hold the Wings and Wheels show annually, and as a club we thought we’d pop along. There was a lot to look at, including an eight cylinder radial engine, which was running, to say it shook the ground was an understatement. Also a wide variety of planes and choppers were on show for all to see, but despite this, our little turn out attracted some attention, and as for many a good show, the car park was just as interesting as the show its self ! The drive in, all be it short, was a good one, this was also our first YouTube Video as a club outing.

Pride Of Longbridge 13th April

Pride of Longbridge, April 13th, first outing for the new club gazebo! Over 1200 cars attended this year’s show at Cofton Park, and the road leading up to the event was also rammed with punters, who’d come to see the cars on show at this free event. All models were on show, anything under the BMC label including Austin, Rover and MG. Many of our members spent the day chatting about their own motors with the visitors, along with the occasional walk around, and chatting to other like-minded individuals, which is always a pleasure.

Drive It Day 21st April

Drive it Day, 21st of April, This year Hampton court was the chosen venue for us to attend. And this is Hampton Court in Leominster, Not Surrey. The venue is a fantastic stately home, which has some really colourful stories attached to it, including various different owners, who had varying different interior design ideas. Our tour guide, Gill, Was very knowledgeable on the venue and its surrounding area, which made it a very interesting hour or so. The trip down to Hampton Court was brilliant, Really good to see a great line of MG’s passing through various towns and villages, and impressively we only got lost once, which is good, and is BCMGOC tradition. The day was finished off with a meal at “The Old Court House” Kingswinford, brilliant day out.

Donington Historic Festival 5th May

Once again this year we met up at Toy’s Am We, in Oldbury, before making the trip over to Donington Park Racing Circuit. Upon arrival, Chris lead us to our patch where the club stand was swiftly erected. There was lot’s to see and do throughout the day, and the cars that were racing looking stunning. First full race of the day, we watched, was the Class C GT Cars. Keith and Stu went around for the parade lap, Keith was driving, Stu camera man, in which they joined a parade of 50 Porsches to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 911 Model. The day was fantastic as it always is, as the paddock is also open for you to go around for a look. This was all made better by the fantastic weather that was had later in the afternoon.

Arden Heritage Run 19th May

Once again this year the sun shone for the Arden Run. Over 150 cars proceeded to complete the run with concluded at the oldest continual use racing circuit in the world, Shelsley Walsh. The end of the run was actually at the top of the hill, which meant all had an un-timed run up the hill, which did lead to some quite spirited driving from some participants. Rob, Pete and Stu, participated in the run from BCMGOC. The day was absolutely brilliant, and ran without a hitch. Views of the hill run can be viewed on our YouTube Channel, this can be accessed by clicking the YouTube logo at the top of this website.

Baggeridge Country Park Car Show 19th May

The Baggeridge Country Park Car Show, is once again growing in popularity this year, with loads of folk coming down to see the various models and exhibits on show. Eight BCMGOC members took the short trip down to Baggeridge on this sunny day to show off their pride and joy. We also had a couple of new members come along, which is always welcome. Along with this, the stand attracted a large amount of attention, showing just how popular the MG Marque really is.

Ragley Hall Transport Show, 26th May

Eight BCMGOC members attended the transport show at Ragley Hall during the May bank holiday weekend. The weather was stunning, and so were the cars on show. All be it there were a lot of varieties on show, or group of MG’s really did attract some attention, in fact we were parked opposite a rather exotic mark’s stand, and we got twice the attention, which just shows how popular the MG Marque is. Most of the day was spent chatting and viewing the cars on show, a great day was had by all.

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