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Winter Works.

Well as the New Year rolled in, many members took on the task of preparing their MG’s ready for the 2014 season. Paintwork, new splitters, new suspension, new brakes, 6 year projects taking their maiden voyage for the first time, you name it, BCMGOC members are probably doing it! Well……… within reason of course! Why not take a look in our gallery at whats happening.

Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club Run 9th March

Our first breakfast run, for many years, took us to Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb. Upon attending there were 300+ booked in for breakfasts, but to take your mind off the hunger and the smell of cooking bacon, were the 300+ cars which people had turned up in. There was a wide an interesting variety of cars on show, from three Wheel Moggy’s to MG A’s and from Frog Eye sprits to Aston Martins. The weather held and the day was great, kicking off many more runs to come.

Severn Valley Country Park Walk 23rd March

Our second time to the country park was on quite a busy Sunday due to the lines being graced with various engine from around the country. What started off as a winters day, ended up being a fantastic spring walk in the countryside, with the added bonus of some fantastic feats of engineering passing by on the tracks beside the trails. Lunch was had at “The Unicorn” pub along with a swift pint, which made the walk back even more relaxed than the walk there. All be it we are a car club, sometimes its nice to do things as a club, which aren’t all car related.

Pride of Longbridge 12th April

Pride of Longbridge this year was bigger than ever, and all be it a little on the cold side, it was a great day, with a great turn out. Many BMC, Austin, Rover, and MG motors were on show, from when it all began right up to the present day. There were ten cars on our stand, which attracted quite a few members of the public, which kept us busy chatting for most of the day.

Wings Wheels and Rotors 20th April

Well last year was cold and this year, was around half a degree warmer, but not to worry as 14 Club cars attended this years Wings and wheels festival at Halfpenny Green Airport, Enville. The public were there in force to see what the show had to offer, and once again the club stand got a fantastic reception. As well as trucks and motors, there were also R/C models, Planes and military displays. Fantastic day out.

Western Park Transport Show 21st April

The first of the annual transport shows brought a very sunny end to the Easter break. Another good turn out from the club, including some new members, spent their day looking at some of the great examples of cars the public has to offer. Also good at these events are the markets and displays, which are good to watch.

Drive it Day, Croome Park, 27th April

Drive it day this year took us to what remains of a secret wartime air base, where thousands of people lived and worked in the 1940s. Previously home to the Earls of Coventry, the grand structure is situated at the heart of the park. The weather held out for the day, leading to some cracking photos of the surrounding area and of course the wildlife that goes with it.

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