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Winter Works.

As always, the winter break is the perfect excuse to get among the garage action. With many projects in the club, on going, certain members have keep themselves extremely busy during the cold period. Currently on the go are, An MGF rolling restoration, A TF on going project, A TR6 (non MG) and a V8 Sebring. All proper interesting stuff, as they say around these parts!

Severn Valley Walk 22nd March.

This walk has become somewhat of an annual event! The salt isn’t quite off the road as yet, so the MG’s are still wrapped up in the warm and dry. This year see’s the 50th birthday of this fantastic attraction, with the opening Gala being held on the 22nd of March. Some fantastic engines were on show, and whilst walking, some great wildlife could be seen all around.

Curborough Sprint 12th April.

We are looking at trying to fit a breakfast run into at least one Sunday of every month, and this was the perfect example of one. The Luffield Speed Championship was holding one of the sprint rounds here, which is organised by the MGCC. There were a variety of cars on track, setting some quick times on the recently formed “figure of eight” track. One of the competitors had a lucky escape when his Sebring V8 “B” spat him off into the bank, resulting in a roll. Pleased to say the driver was fine, and the car wasn’t badly damaged either, A testament to the cars strength and the circuits safety precautions. Shows how light your rear end can be when you have 400+ horses under your right foot!

Pride of Longbridge 18th April.

The Pride of Longbridge show has become evermore popular since it’s start back in 2006. This year was no exception, with over 1500 cars in attendance and over 10,000 visitors. Austins, Rovers, And BMC motors descended on Cofton Park for this Poignant event which this year held a special significance as it has been ten years since the demise of the Longbridge Plant. It was a fantastic sight seeing some many different models on show, and hearing so many stories from people who used to work at the plant. A real sense of pride could be felt as you walked around the exhibits.

Donington Historic Festival 3rd May.

This year saw a rather wet start to the bank holiday weekend, but undeterred, eight members set off for the track. This year was focused on the touring car era, featuring the super touring cars, which everyone knows and loves. The gazebo would of proved useful, if the feet hadn’t been left back at base. Thus meaning, any half decent gust of wind left it walking around the infield. Apologies the the gent with a very nice 911! Also on offer were the 60's/70's touring cars and of course classic F1. An action packed weekend it was.

Ragley Hall 25th May.

You have to book early with this show, which fortunately we did. Ten cars attended on the Monday and Gordon attended concourse on the Sunday. A fantastic result for Gordon on the fully booked Sunday, as his MGC took the best in show award. A well worthy winner, as the car is an absolute gem and a credit to him. Monday was also a cracking day, but it spelt the end of Stuart’s season due to an engine issue which isn’t an easy fix, so look out for details in the projects section.

Cotswold Wildlife Park 7th June.

Whilst some went on the Arden Run from BCMGOC, Some visited the Wildlife park. This scorcher of a day was a cracker, and the park played host to MG’s in the park. In true club fashion, they were late and got lost, however feedback was good about the event. Access to the wildlife park also came with the entry fee, and it really is a nice place to visit. The MG’s on show made the day, with some really nice examples to view.