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Winter works

What we've been up to whilst it's been raining

Shelsey Walsh Club Run, Sunday 9th March

Severn Valley Country Park Walk, Sunday 23rd March

Pride of Longbridge, Cofton Park, 12th April

Wings, Wheels and Rotors, 20th April

Weston Park Transport Show, 21st April

Drive it Day, Croome Park, 27th April

Donington Historic Festival, 4th May

Baggeridge Country Park Transport Show, 18th May

Trentham Transport Show, 15th June

Malcolm Garratt Run, 22nd June

Shelsley Historic Festival, 20th July

Severn Valley Classic Car Show, 27th July

Summer Proms Pershore, 17th August

Himley Transport Show, 7th September

Baggeridge Country Park Transport Show, 28th September