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For events in a list format, click here

Add Events to your phone

You can add the club calendar to your phone, Google calendar, Apple Calendar etc by clicking on of the links below. Once subscribed, any changes or new events will be synced to your local calendar within 24 hours.

iPhone/iPad : Click Apple Calendar and click on "Subscribe" when prompted.

Android: Unfortunately, Google don’t let you import the events directly into the phone. You need to subscribe to the calendar using the web version and then enable the calendar in your phone.
Clicking on the link below will open up your google calendar and add the events feed as an additional calendar
Add to Google Calendar
On your phone, go to the calendar app and you should be able to select the calendar to be viewed. This will vary by phone, for example on a Samsung phone click on the three dots at the top of the calendar app and select “Manage Calendars” You can then enable the Car Club events list and they will show in your calendar.
If the calendar isn’t showing then you can either wait until the calendar syncs or manually force a sync through the settings in your phone.

Other Web based Calendars: Import the feed into your calendar system using the following address