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MGB Roadster

OWNER :- Martin Jones


YEAR:- 1971


WHEN BOUGHT : - By me October 2008


2006 bought off Ebay for 3K as a rolling resoration  by my friend of 40years Gary Millington. Work began immediately

Firstly with 2 new doors, then  in 2007 work on the front end with a total rebuild of the engine bay followed by a new near side rear wing and a change to the original interior from brown to black including a new dash. 2008 Rostyle wheels changed up to wires and a brake servo unit was added.

I drove the car in 2007 from Torquay to Dartmouth and again in 2008 It drove very well. I wanted it !

A deal was struck in October 2008 and the car arrived on the back of an AA flat bed as the wipers and indicators stopped working in Bromsgrove during the 200 mile journey from Brixham to Tipton  in a snow blizzard.


A detailed Engine Bay, including one or two return to standard items, and of course the odd bit of modification for the greater good!

New interior in black. Motalita steering Wheel.

Stainless Tubular manifold, bringing the noise since 2012

2013 /2014  new off side rear wing inner wheel arch. Splits in the rear valance welded.

Re spray.

Rear wing removed. Inner wheel arch and boot corner revealed. No surprises which was brilliant.

After a few hours of elbow grease! Amazing that T-Cut is!