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OWNER :– Stuart Dunn

MAKE & MODEL :– MG TF 135 Sprint

YEAR:– 2002

COLOUR :– X-Power Grey

WHEN BOUGHT : – 2005

HISTORY Monogram Interior as optional extra. Only went to the garage to pick up a part from summit garage in Gornal for my ZR and fell in love with the TF, which is how I come to purchase mine.

WHY AN MG? My grandfather worked at Longbridge, also my father has always owned Rover?s so the interest has simply spread. I see the marque as a historical one, and a marque of a true British sports car.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) After going to collect the part at Summit, myself and My father took the TF for a test drive, fell in love but didn?t buy it. It was on the way back from a shopping trip in Chester, that I came across my TF at Brindley in Wolverhampton.


INTERIOR/EXTERIOR X-Power Grey, LEF Metallic ( Part of the Tempest Grey family ) Tan leather interior with black alcantara centres, tan door cards and dash.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Front wings, and under body protection, Under bonnet and boot internals re-sprayed by myself, however I did make a right mess of the bonnet at one stage and had to get someone who knew what they were doing to put it right..

MODIFICATIONS Bespoke Exhaust, 4-2-1 manifold by Janspeed, One off back Box. Up-rated EBC AP Brakes disks and pads. Gas flowed head along with Paul Ivey oversized valves. Head also blue printed to exhaust manifold and Inlet Manifold. Up-rated Cylinder liners. Up-rated Valve Springs. Piper High lift Cams on Kent Vernier Pulleys. Variable fuel pressure regulator running 3.9 Bar. SU KV6 Swan Neck throttle bodies, With ITG Race air filter, Bespoke Idle Air Control and Breather system Which I fabricated as was unable to get parts to enable fitment to the EU3 MEMS3 engine. ( Bodies From a Caterham R500 ) All of which now running on an Emerald K6 ECU. Very little acoustic panelling and a lot of brackets now made from aluminium for lightness.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Wide Band Lambda sensor to enable true AFR ( Air Fuel Ratios ) to be set by the ECU, which would be determined by ambient temperature and humidity or altitude, this would also make the engine more efficient. Carbon Fibre Boot lid, Fibre Glass rear bumper. The aim is to do as much as possible, without losing driveability or altering the look of the Car in anyway, MG Themselves made to good a job of making the thing look pretty so I don?t have to.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Heritage run, 2008 Gaydon Warwickshire. Brilliant run. Also the surprised face of an Audi TT driver who wanted to be in my lane on the way back from Bromsgrove, priceless!

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Check Water regular, Run EBC Brake Disks. Wrap your Exhausts, Best mod for £10.

OWNER :– Keith Hill

MAKE & MODEL :– MG B Roadster

COLOUR :– White

YEAR:– 1973


WHY AN MG? Because of the sensible prices, still modern looking, all parts available and potential for modifying. Also capable of keeping up with modern traffic.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) Bought via an advertisement in the local evening newspaper. Paid £2700, came with lots of history (and jobs to be done) But it was white and chrome bumper, two of my criteria. It also turned out to qualify for tax exemption, registered 3rd January 1973 when exemption came into force in the mid 90s.


INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Interior in need of refurbishing. Outside, required new soft top, rear window yellow and difficult to see through. Bumpers no chrome.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS I have fitted new soft top, (don’t recommend it) new bright work eg bumpers, over-riders, radiator grill, door and boot catches, driver quarter light, (broken catch). Outer sills, front and rear quarter panels fitted by body repairer. Interior ? carpets, door casings seat covers, all foam and webbing etc. Other work done includes, engine out for clutch replacement, engine and gearbox mounts, prop-shaft universal joints twice, steering rack, front shock absorbers, rear springs and shockers, new petrol tank, Minilite pattern wheels replaced Rostyle originals.

MODIFICATIONS Solid state mod to distributer, solid state fuel pump.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Complete spray job required.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Three trips to Normandy, France. Long distance in the UK, have driven as far as Middlesborough while staying in Whitby, also Cornwall, Swanage, Torquay, North and South Wales.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Brakes pulling hard left or right, intermittent, flexible hoses to back of discs. Gunge in rear drums, suspect wheel cylinders, expect difficulty getting the circlip back on to rear of new cylinder, behind the back plate. Make a diagram ? or take a picture ? of brake shoe spring arrangement, (unless you have a good memory or done it before) There are three springs.

OWNER :- John Wragg

MAKE & MODEL :- MG Midget

YEAR :- 1972

COLOUR :- Blaze

HISTORY Some invoices in a history file relating to a fairly substantial rebuild in 1994

WHEN BOUGHT:- 2005 (10 previous owners) Had a 65 Sprite in my youth. Seemed a good idea at the time when I changed my TT for a 4×4.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) Advertised on MG enthusiasts classified site. The car was in Halifax.

RESTORATION WORK/MODIFICATIONS BY SELF OR OTHERS Ford Sierra Type 9 5 speed gear box, PJM blue interior of leather seats with matching pvc trim and carpets, halogen headlights, Frontline front suspension, Powerflow exhaust, stainless three branch manifold.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Not too expensive keeping it on the road, delighted that since wiring hazard warning lights they haven’t been used (yet!).

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE London bridges run with the Midget and Sprite Club a couple of times.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Always carry your mobile, RAC card and wallet.

OWNER :- Chris Hasluck


YEAR :- Manufactured in 1970 (First registered in 1972)

COLOUR :- Teal Blue

HISTORY Had 10 owners since registration in 1972. Sold as scrap for parts in 1990 but restored between 1990-1999.


WHY AN MG? I had an MG in my teens and always regretted selling it. When driving this car I’m reliving my youth.


ORIGINAL CONDITION ? INTERIOR/EXTERIOR This car was scrap in 1990 but later restored over a 10 year period. When I bought the car, the bodywork was excellent but all the mechanicals needed restoration as well as many other components.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS British Motor Heritage bodyshell, rebuilt engine, gearbox, differential, new clutch hydraulics, leather seats and new interior trim/carpets.

MODIFICATIONS 1330cc rally spec engine, 7.5 inch rally clutch, MG Metro cylinder head, single HIF44 carburettor, long centre branch (LCB) exhaust manifold, electric cooling fan, Spax rear telescopic shock absorbers, Green Stuff brake pads, laminated windscreen, padded roll bar, period Compomotive 5.5J alloy wheels (on 165/70/13 tyres).

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Perhaps electronic ignition and/or Frontline tube shock front conversion.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Spridget 50, May 2008; Midget 50 in June 2011.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Fit a single SU carb ? it makes life so much easier and greatly improves fuel economy as well as performance!

OWNER :- Rod Downs


YEAR :- 1972

COLOUR :- Glacier White

WHEN BOUGHT HISTORY August 2006 Car is named Jonny Morris ? read on.

WHY AN MG? Having built a Quantum kit car I wanted another car project. I’ve never owned an MG BGT but always liked them, they are instantly recognisable, easy to acquire, basic to repair/maintain with spares readily available. My wife and I have two dogs that go most places with us so the added bonus of luggage/dog space in the back is very convenient. The car also enjoys tax exemption which is another added bonus.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) My two brothers are car enthusiasts; one living in Suffolk is a Triumph enthusiast (a spot of family rivalry?). He heard of an MGB GT restorable car for sale via his local connections so on a visit to him we met Joy, Jonny’s owner. Jonny was originally owned by Joy’s son who used it until it failed the MOT. It was then passed on to his father John who intended to restore Jonny as a retirement project. Unfortunately John died suddenly before work began so Jonny sat in a garage for five years untouched until Joy was ready to move him on. On meeting Joy and the family it was obvious that the car still meant much to her, so the car carries John’s name and the logical choice of the surname was Morris (MG Garages) hence Jonny Morris as he is now known. Joy became a family friend and was kept updated with the restoration.

ORIGINAL CONDITION ? INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Although garaged Jonny was in a sad and sorry state when first seen, it was obviously going to be a total restoration project. The interior trim wasn’t too bad but the exterior was in poor condition.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS All work welding, engine/differential rebuild, lead loading, re-spraying was done by myself. Everything was removed down to bare metal. New floor panels, castle rails, spring hangers, sills, wings, doors, total engine rebuild (gearbox and overdrive reconditioned by specialists) all then soaked in Waxoyl. Anything original and restorable was re-used otherwise replacements found. Except for a minor area of mouse damage the interior just needed a clean and tidy, the seats being refurbished.

MODIFICATIONS Electronic ignition added, unleaded cylinder head, silencer removed from middle of exhaust to improve umff. Stainless steel rear exhaust box fitted. De-seamed the rear wings to reduce rust and rot.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Have tried to retain originality but will change the castor angle for lighter steering and improved handling. Have kept period radio/cassette now need upgraded speakers as over 50 mph you can’t hear much other than the car itself.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE After about 2 years work Jonny Morris was fit & up & running again. His first real outing was to see his original owners in Felixstowe and take part in the Ipswich-Felixstowe Classic Car Run, Joy enjoying the ride as passenger. 2010 Events include two adults and two dogs going to Northern Holland via France & Belgium and a weekend camping at the Le Mans Classic 24 Hour event.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Remove lead from right foot to aid fuel and finance

OWNER :- Alexandra Jones


YEAR :- 2003

COLOUR :- Celestial Blue

WHEN BOUGHT : – May 2014 2 previous owners. Bought with very little history & only 6 weeks MOT. 16inch wheels replaced with new in 2012. Only done 300miles since the last MOT

WHY AN MG? My Dad has owned his MGB for 30 + years. My Brother owns a ZR & works at MG spares. I have been attending the BCMG club events for 21 years, About time I had my own.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) Advertised on the Auto Trader website. We were the second people to view it; First people didn’t like the colour. Bought with 1 months MOT.

ORIGINAL CONDITION – INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Blue Metallic. Blue / Black leather interior. Blue hood with heated glass rear screen. 16 inch wheels Bigger front brakes. Wood trim on centre console and steering wheel. Chrome pack.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS First week of ownership New Cam belt, Water pump and Stainless steel cooler pipes. Work done by MG classic spares in Lye.


MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Stainless steel exhaust. Under side to be painted / under sealed before winter.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Passed MOT first time, no issues.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Buy the best one you can afford. Or be prepared to spend money!

OWNER :- Gordon Dursley


YEAR :- 1971

COLOUR :- Mid Night Blue


WHY AN MG? From a small boy I always liked the shape of the MGB GT (and my initials are G.T.)

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) An advertisement in a newspaper

ORIGINAL CONDITION – INTERIOR/EXTERIOR A complete rust bucket but everything was there so I could strip, record and restore as a hobby. I paid £800.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS A complete nut and bolt restoration. The body was rebuilt using Heritage panels, all part of the hobby. The only thing I didn’t do was the re-spray, so whilst the body was away all the mechanical parts were completely restored

MODIFICATIONS As original (concours)

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Used on club runs and shows

OWNER :- Peter Dunn

MAKE & MODEL :- MGF 1.8 i

YEAR :- 1998

COLOUR :- Anthracite

HISTORY First registered in Chester December 1998.

WHEN BOUGHT:- October 2008

WHY AN MG? I’ve always liked the MGF as well as most other MG models. Spares are readily available and at the moment are easily obtainable. There are quite a number of MG clubs, of which I’m a member of a few, so altogether a good experience.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) I first saw my MGF advertised in Auto express, it was actually purchased from a private seller only 3miles from where I live.

ORIGINAL CONDITION INTERIOR/EXTERIOR The car is mostly original although I have changed the door cards for Mk 2 one’s and I’ve changed the leather steering wheel for a walnut veneered one.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Small aspects of paint work on the sill joints and Wing support brackets.

MODIFICATIONS 1mm skim taken off the cylinder head, inlet and outlet valves enlarged by 2mm on diameter, VVC plenum, bespoke exhaust, Spax adjustable shock absorbers to improve handling. AP 2 pot front brake callipers, EBC grooved and drilled brake discs, EBC green stuff brake pads. Trophy alloys have been fitted to accommodate the AP callipers.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Possibly an Emerald ECU, also a trophy front spoiler.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE MGfest 2009, MGfifteen 2010, Arden run 2011&2012, Mg’s in the trees 2011&2012. Various local classic car shows. Winner of best MGF 2015, at MGF 20 Gaydon.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE With the MGF a close eye must be kept on the coolant level, if there is a significant drop in the coolant level then the dreaded head gasket failure must be suspected.

OWNER :- Martin Jones

MAKE & MODEL :- MGB 1800cc

YEAR :- 1971

COLOUR :- British Racing Green

WHEN BOUGHT : – 2008 First registered in Pool Dorset. Spent most of its life in South Devon.

WHY AN MG? My second MG, I have always wanted a Roadster, Couldn’t part with my GT

WHERE FIRST SEEN This was my mate’s car. I drove this car along the coast road of Torbay in 2007 and again in 2008 I just had to have it.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Most of the panels have been replaced including the sills and floor and a Gold seal engine, my friend continued with the restoration for 2 years. Replacing both doors the near side rear wing, and detailing the engine bay along with a new front wiring loom. The interior was brown, it is now black. New dash, New wiring looms. Receipts for 16K. The suspension has since been rebuilt by me and my son Daniel.

MODIFICATIONS SS Exhaust and manifold. Drilled and slotted brake discs, copper brake pipes. Stainless brake hose’s, Brake servo. Knock on chrome wire wheels. Polly bushes on front.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE My friend drove the car 190 miles up from Devon to Tipton. The last 10 miles from Frankly service station on the M5, was done on the back of an AA wagon due to it snowing most of the way and the window screen wipers kept blowing the fuse. Only driven with the roof up once in the last 4 years

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE 6 Volt batteries are a pain

OWNER :- Martin Jones

MAKE & MODEL :- MGB 1800cc

WHEN BOUGHT : – 1983 I was the third owner

WHY AN MG? I joined the MG owners club before I brought the car to take advantage of their then cheap insurance scheme. Being only 21 at that time and had just written off an Austin 1800, the car club insured me fully comp, cheaper than anyone else would insure me third party.

WHERE FIRST SEEN After looking at 25 Black MGs for sale I could not find a nice one. This car had been well looked after. Purchased in June 1983 the car had done 40,000 miles had a full service history, I intended it to last me a couple of years. 30 years later I still have it.

ORIGINAL CONDITION ? INTERIOR/EXTERIOR No new panels. No new paint (only the front valance) original interior (new driver’s seat foam) Original engine. Pop top sun roof was already fitted when purchased.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Fully wax-oiled with the box sections drilled and filled with a mixture of anti-rust oil and wax-oil every year,(it would run out of the drain holes for months) All servicing has been done by myself and my son Daniel. New clutch in 1984. The suspension has been rebuilt twice in 30years.

MODIFICATIONS SS Exhaust has been on the car for 28 years. Stainless steel petrol tank has also been on for 28years. Drilled and slotted brake discs, Spax adjustable shocks on the rear, copper brake pipes. Stainless brake hose’s, Minator wheels purchased 2009. V8 wish bone bushes.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE The car was used every day for the first 8 years and included holidays and week end breaks in the UK. It was kept outside for 6 years.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Change oil / filters regular and grease the king pins.

OWNER :- Barry Goring

MAKE & MODEL :- MGB MK2 Roadster

YEAR :- 1971

COLOUR :- Tartan Red

HISTORY Built on 18/19th May 1971 and sold by Appleyard’s Bradford. Registered in Halifax on 12th August 1971.Original Colour Teal Blue with Autumn Leaf interior. I am owner number 14.

WHEN BROUGHT August 2012

WHY AN MG? When working as a paperboy in my early teens I also helped out in the Newsagents shop(s) and this often involved some fetching and carrying. The owner’s had an MGB Roadster and MG Midget that were often pressed into use. It was amazing how many newspapers could be loaded into these cars with the hoods down! When traffic conditions allowed there was often a chance of a trip out in one of these cars involving a run along a fast road with the hood down and the overdrive flicked on – magic! I was a young passenger and was hooked by the experience.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) My quest to own an MGB Roadster began about 2 years ago. The family having grown up and left home meant I had some space in my garage. Finding my dream car however proved very much more difficult than I ever imagined. I had set myself the goal of finding a “Concours” example on a budget. I soon realised you only get what you pay for and my price limit began to grow ever higher. After viewing and driving many cars (I lost count when I reached double figures), I eventually spotted my car for sale on the Car and Classic web site. The car was for sale in Leatherhead, Surrey and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I knew I would become the new owner even before I took it out on a test-drive.

ORIGINAL CONDITION INTERIOR/EXTERIOR The car has been restored to a typical MGB specification for a car of that era. The interior is black PVC with red piping. Carpets and door cards are black with red detailing. The car is fitted with an overdrive and has chrome wire wheels.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS The car has had a complete nut and bolt restoration by a previous owner over many years (I have invoices going back to 1998) and was returned back to the road in January 2005. The work included a new Heritage body shell, and involved the reconditioning of the original engine, running gear and all mechanicals.

MODIFICATIONS In my ownership I have added headrest’s (I like the look) and door mirrors. The mirrors I felt were a must when driving on our very busy roads but took a little bit of courage from me in drilling the necessary 7mm holes in the doors of my ‘new’ car. I made sure I measured and checked (several times) the exact position before doing the deed. Thanks to the BCMGOC members who offered me some advice in this task. I have also added a 12v aux socket hidden out of site so the Sat-Nav can take the strain when we get lost and not the wife!

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED/WISH LIST I have a small dent in my cars bonnet that is in the driver’s line of sight so this will need to be rectified in the near future. I would also like to research the history of my car and make contact with some of the previous owners and in particular the person who restored the car.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Don’t wait as long as I did before taking the plunge and buying your own dream car, whatever it may be.

OWNER :- Daniel Jones


YEAR :- 2005

COLOUR :- Silver

WHEN BOUGHT: – 2013 My first car

WHY AN MG? My father has always owned MGs so the interest is in the family and as I work with mgs it’s only natural to have one. I always wanted a ZR but never thought it would be for my first car because of various reasons like insurance, the insurance is crippling but well worth it (not like these OAP cars!).

WHERE FIRST SEEN Used Dudley at a price that could not be missed. To someone who isn’t confident with cars they would have probably walked away but underneath the scratches and moss I could see there was a gem.



MODIFICATIONS Stainless Steel twin pipe back box and a audio upgrade, but many more modification to be made yet

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Check Water and Oil regular, Change Head gasket for composite type and will not get any problems.

OWNERS :- Les & Lorraine Jones

MAKE & MODEL :- MGF Steptronic

YEAR:- 2001

COLOUR :- Solar Red

WHEN BOUGHT : – 2007

HISTORY Bought from a couple living in Cambridge who where emigrating to Austraila, they had it from new. The car was fantastic on the drive home so no problems with mechanicals, however in the daylight we discovered numerous marks in the door wells (from the seatbelts) and the whole offside paintwork was peppered with white paint (from road marking we think). Of course they didn’t want to know (sold as seen) so we set about transforming the bodywork to ‘as new’ condition. It took lots of hard work, we didn’t want to re-paint so every splash/spot of white paint had to be flicked off using ‘believe it or not’ my thumb nail.

WHY AN MG? We had 4k to spend , it had to be British, open top motoring, modern mechanicals but a future classic. An MG was the only choice.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) Searched for a couple of months on the internet, eventually found on e-bay. Steptronic in red, exactly what we were after.

ORIGINAL CONDITION – INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Solar Red, condition not good as described above. Original interior was black leather/cloth with black, black and black.

MODIFICATIONS Custom built Exhaust and back box, 4-2-1 manifold and sports cat by Scorpion. Stainless steel exhaust shield cover. Up-rated EBC AP Brakes, ultimax disks and green stuff pads front and rear. Stainless braded brake hoses. Taipan cold air induction. 52mm throttle body. TF solid sub-frame mounts and cross braces front/rear. Gaz adjustable shocks. Full leather interior including:- Seats, side pods, gear stick/hand break gaiters, tonnou cover (all cream). Dashboard, Door cards, centre console, Tee bar, Arm rest, Window surrounds (black). Steering wheel (cream/black).

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Never really got on with the lexus lights so am changing to quads, not decided on weather to use the fiat coupe lights or change to LED‘s. Water level sensor kit. Electric boot release (only locked the keys in twice).

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Every run in the MG is interesting and enjoyable however the Isle of White meet in September is always a great weekend ‘its not happening in 2013‘. The MG Royal Heritage Festival in 2009 was a great weekend, a bit expensive but quite an experience. Met the duke and his dew drop ‘it was a little on the cold side’.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE I agree with Stu – in your F/TF check water regular, keep your eye on the temp gauge and look in the rear view mirror for a steam cloud following you. IF IN DOUBT STOP.

OWNER :-James Pace

MODEL :- MG TF 135 80th year anniversary

YEAR :- 2004

COLOUR :- Silver

WHEN BOUGHT : – I purchased my TF in December 2012.

WHY AN MG? I have always loved the elegant and sporty look of the MG TF ever since I saw my first one on the road. I searched long and hard for nearly 2 years to my perfect TF.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) I eventually found the TF I have been searching so long for on eBay. The car was located in Dorset so I had to make sure it was the one as it is a long journey from the midlands. The seller kept it as a weekend car so it had low mileage (36K), 2 owners from new, full service history and was the model I was looking for. It all seemed to good to be true. After looking through additional photos and talking to the seller on the phone I was sold. I jumped on a train the next day, which was a great experience, as I couldn’t sit still the whole way due to excitement! The seller kindly picked me up from the train station and took me to his garage where the car was stored. As soon as the garage door opened I fell in love.

ORIGINAL CONDITION – INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Seat centres are red suede with 1924 MG 2004 stitched into the up right of each seat. Centre of the door cards are also red suede. 80th year anniversary badge displayed between seats (car number 738 of 1600). Chrome pack (door handles/ash tray). Wine red soft top.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Wheel arches re-sprayed where rust was coming through. Bonnet striped, prepped, re-sprayed and polished to eliminate all the stone chips that were on there. Timing belt changed (original Rover one was on there), plugs, filters, oil and coolant all changed. All this work was done within the first 4 months of owning her.

MODIFICATIONS Uprated Mintex drilled and profiled brakes disks fitted to front and rear with new Mintex pads. Rear callipers painted red to match the fronts. Underneath coolant pipes upgraded to stainless steel. TT Mrk 7 stainless steel exhaust fitted with twin back box. Linkage pipe also fitted.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Emerald ECU/re-map, Janspeed 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, refurbish all 4 alloys where past mechanics haven’t taped up their sockets! Sound system upgrade.

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE The journey from Dorset back to the Midlands to bring the car home was incredible! The lanes in Dorset were perfect to test out the handling and acceleration. The motorway was where I really stretched her legs!

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Always un-zip rear window fully when folding back the roof to prevent splits in window (if rear window is plastic).

OWNER : Andrew Knox


YEAR : 1972

COLOUR : Harvest Gold

WHEN BOUGHT : – 2009 Owned by friend who bought it off one of his friends so 12 years of history known well. Very large history file. Car lived in Portugal for a couple of years.

WHY AN MG? My friend, Tony from Lower Gornal (now lives in Sedgely) offered it to me at a good price just at the time I was thinking of buying a classic car. I have had mainly Triumph classics in the past, TR6, Spitfire, 2 Heralds, Vitesse, 2000, 2.5 PI, although I did own an almost new MG1300 in the early 1970’s and in 1967 another friend had a new MGB Roadster, in which he, I and a couple of girls used to go out as a foursome. (How did we fit in?)

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) I was trying to give Tony some old furniture which he wanted but was slow to pick up. He said “I haven’t got room for it as the garage has an old MG stuck in it. I wish someone would buy it off me.” I asked him about it, and bought it off him over the phone, sight unseen, with no MOT or tax.

ORIGINAL CONDITION ? INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Good, although it needed a little welding to pass MOT.

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Welding to chassis rail under offside front wing, surface rust treated and door cracks cut out and repaired, partial respray , Waxoiled

MODIFICATIONS When I bought it, it had a stainless steel exhaust 3 branch manifold and exhaust, 15” Minilite alloy wheels. Since then I have added K&N Filters and AAA needles, ¾” front antiroll bar, , hazard warning lights and rear fog lights fitted, 123 ignition, mohair hood and hood cover, single 12 volt battery, MX5 seats

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Improved suspension front and rear, more power, Type 9 gearbox,

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE To Leicester where I was working when I bought it in 2009. To MG live at Silverstone and to Stoneleigh every year, to Oulton Park in Cheshire where I grew up

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Cars are for driving. Spend any money you have on making it driveable and driving it. Looks are secondary.

OWNER:- David Arter

MODEL:- MG TF 135 Sprint

YEAR:- 2003

COLOUR:- Trophy Blue

WHEN BOUGHT : – 2013

HISTORY Originally Stuart’s Wife’s MG TF. She brought the car after their first holiday away, when Stu let her drive his TF, and she fell in love with it, so came back and brought this one.

WHY AN MG? We have had two MG B Roadster’s before (the last one we had for fourteen years) and have always had a keen interest in the Marque.

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC) I was going to look at another TF over in Telford, and saw this one

RESTORATION WORK BY SELF OR OTHERS Due to have the wheels refurbished, and have had the driver’s seat re-upholstered to help with my back problem.

MODIFICATIONS Brakes and disks changed, new rear screen, HID Gas discharge Lighting, Service items, Inspection panel upgrade. New Scorpion Exhaust. The complete underside has been cleaned & re-undersealed.

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Wheels could use a re-coat

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE Malcolm Garratt Run, Five day holiday in South East covering 500 miles.

TIPS – TECHNICAL OR OTHERWISE Check Water regular, and upgrade the inspection panel on the driver’s side.

OWNER:- Ben Bowater

MAKE MODEL:- TF 135 Sunstorm LE

YEAR:- 2004

COLOUR:- Raven black

HISTORY :- Originally a demonstrator for mg rover. So has every optional extra available on the tf. According to build numbers only 150 sunstorms were made in black.


WHY AN MG? Always had a soft spot for the old octagon having previously owned a zr 105 +. I always liked the look of the tf but could never afford one or insuring one.


ORIGINAL CONDITION ? INTERIOR/EXTERIOR Body work not in bad shape apart from a few minor dents. And the interior is in fantastic shape

MODIFICATIONS None quite yet

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED / WISH LIST Trevor Taylor mk7 s/s exhaust, pipercross panel filter and maybe slotted and drilled brake discs

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE First shown at baggeridge on 18/5/14

OWNER: Steve Morriss


YEAR: 1972

COLOUR: Damask Red


WHY AN MG? I wanted a "toy" and I remember seeing the MGB as a youngster and always liking the look of them. As most of the other cars I liked were either a lot more expensive or maybe a bit modern to be easily worked on it kind of chose itself

WHERE FIRST SEEN (ADVERT/WORD OF MOUTH ETC): EBay and Autotrader. Having decided that I was getting an MGB I started looking on various sites and bookmarked this one fairly early on and kept coming back to it. It was in a dealers in Peterborough so one Sunday I called them up to make sure they still had it, drove over with my partner Rachel to look at it and an hour later was putting the PIN for my debit card into their machine...

ORIGINAL CONDITION? INTERIOR/EXTERIOR: Interior wasn't bad apart from the dashboard but has since declined (e.g. seats need re-upholstering) but the exterior looked good and the car came with a massive folder of receipts for new parts etc. which gave me hope that is was indeed a good car. It didn't take long for me to discover that the previous owner had been good at buying parts but not that great at putting them together. I spent quite some time over the first few months of my ownership checking and tightening nuts and bolts and checking the timing and valve clearances etc.

Engine: bored out by 0.060  (ending up with 1860cc engine), K&N air filters, fast road camshaft, electronic ignition module replacing the original points.
Suspension: parabolic rear springs, tubular shock conversion all round (Gaz shocks), Panhard rod, 15" Minilite replica wheels.
Other: Stainless steel exhaust, halogen headlight upgrade with relays in the circuit, driving lights (bolted direct to front bumper a the previous owner). Hazard light kit fitted (after being stranded in rush hour without them I didn't fancy that again)

MODIFICATIONS PLANNED/WISH LIST: The seams on the front wings are bubbling now so planning to get that sorted over the winter. I also need to re-upholster/replace the front seats and a new headlining wouldn't go amiss but the sunroof on the car makes that job more interesting 🙂

INTERESTING JOURNEYS, EVENTS OR USE: The journey home was an adventure, it started snowing and I was attempting to feel round in the dark for the windscreen wipers and finding out that the heater output wasn't exactly brilliant. Since that eventful first journey I've been on various organised runs (Kimber Run, Yorkshire Pudding run, Pendle Run etc.) and used to regularly drive the car to work at least once a week until I changed jobs in 2017 and no longer commute to an office with a car park.